Rainbow Strips nail art



easy diy nail art

A cool way to create lines on your nails, i don’t have a super steady hand to take a nail striper and free hand a design on your nail so this technique is mistake proof and easy! take scotch tape and paint your desired name polish on top of the tape leave for 1-2 minutes to dry cut design and put on nail enjoy!  

Bing Bing Jewelry !!!!

Hey guys, How are you? i hope everyone reading this is doing well.

This is a quick diy here is what i did

Take a cookie cutter and cut a share onto the polymer clay (don’t forget to condition your clay first!) and then take any craft glue i find that either craft crazy glue or E-6000 was best. Then with rhinestones begin designing!  Bake for whatever the label of your pack of clay says and your done! — let it cool of course.

For beginners: Depending if you want to wear your jewelry as a pendent of make it into a magnet for your fridge. It is easy to wear it as a necklace pin a head pin on top of your piece before you bake it and the slide a thin lace, for a fridge magnet place a piece of magnet strip on the back of the backed clay. IT’S THAT EASY!!!!


Jewelry box that no one in the world has but you!

Hi guys! i hope everyone is have a nice day/night/afternoon wherever you are. Ok in todays post i made a gift box that can be used for holding small jewelry. I made this for my friend, it is a very easy project for both crafters and non crafters. ENJOY!
Step 1: the things you will need.
-mod podge
-a brush
-scrap paper
-and the box you want to mod podge
Step 2: Cut to the appropriate size for your box. What i did was i just matched my scarp paper to each of the side i wanted to cover and cut along that side. I found it easier to use an exacto knife but if you don’t have one scissors will work just fine.

Step 3: Once you are done with step 2, take a little of craft glue or mod podge on the back of your box and your strip and make sure there are no air bubbles once you lay it down carefully smooth it out so it can adhere to the box. Your going to do this to the entire box like i have done here.  
Step 4: Once you have to entire box it will look something like this! TIP: avoid doing the top inside corner of the lid, because it might be hard to open up again once you close it and a little piece of the paper might tear. (that happened to me today when i made mines 🙂 )
*** Rhinestone is optional, i did it to glam it up a bit.