Bing Bing Jewelry !!!!

Hey guys, How are you? i hope everyone reading this is doing well.

This is a quick diy here is what i did

Take a cookie cutter and cut a share onto the polymer clay (don’t forget to condition your clay first!) and then take any craft glue i find that either craft crazy glue or E-6000 was best. Then with rhinestones begin designing! ¬†Bake for whatever the label of your pack of clay says and your done! — let it cool of course.

For beginners: Depending if you want to wear your jewelry as a pendent of make it into a magnet for your fridge. It is easy to wear it as a necklace pin a head pin on top of your piece before you bake it and the slide a thin lace, for a fridge magnet place a piece of magnet strip on the back of the backed clay. IT’S THAT EASY!!!!



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